Love is a funny thing. People seek it, though it hurts like hell when they loose it

Ni vet på natten när man inte kan sova och tankarna börjar snurra? Så är det för mig just nu. Och jag som ska upp om 4 timmar!

I'm afraid of getting hurt again, I really am. I try to find the right occasions to talk to you, tell you how I feel. Because the only thing I wanna hear you say is that you gonna love me forever, and I want you too hold me tight and tell me that you never will hurt me again. But how can I ever trust those words completely...?

Every day can be my last day with you, I have no idea. Lightning can strike unexpectedly, and boom, I'm at square one again. I don't wanna be away from you now, don't want you to realize that maybe you'r better off without me. Don't wanna get that text that I got the last time...

Don' leave me, please? I love you...♥


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